The players in this story

November 30, 2007

Today I am tired so I thought I would just share who the players in this story are.

Me, 34 yo teacher (most of the time), currently just a Lowes employee. Trying desperately to find a job at other half’s new duty station before we actually move, not having much luck.

Other Half, 35 yo military man, currently between stations and career fields, which plays a big part of our money problem. The military changed regs, then changed them again.

Teenager, our 14 yo daughter who is not looking forward to our move WHATSOEVER

Middle schooler, our 11 yo daughter, also not looking forward to the move, but is dealing with it better.

Little Man, our 3 yo son, who does not really get what is going on with our move.


How we got where we are at part one

November 28, 2007

The story of how we got where we are at. I figure this is going to take several posts to write out.

We are a simple family, a military man and a teacher. Definately not two jobs that pay the best. But when we lived overseas we were doing ok. Not great mind you but we did ok. We had paid off almost all of our debt, and had money to play with. We still lived paycheck to paycheck, but that was because we didn’t plan ahead. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Some where in our minds we were not thinking that when we came back to the states that we would be taking a big pay cut.

Now I am not sure what gave us this idea, other than the fact that we didn’t really know anyone else that had come back to the states with the change in money situation that we would be facing, so we didn’t have anyone to “warn” us. We lost about half of the money in my other half’s paycheck, and we completely lost my paycheck.

What I mean by this is that I went from having a teaching job that paid about $53,000 a year (when you add in the extras that I did), to a job that paid about $32,000 a year. Plus I went from driving 6 miles to work (with driving off base to drop Little Man off at daycare), to driving 52 miles one way to work. I was dumb and I took the first job that was offered to me when we were coming back to the states, because I thought that I had to have a job. Between the drive and the fact that we had to purchase a new car to accomdate the drive we basically lost every dime I made. We did not realize how bad it was until it was too late to do anything about. I suppose I could have quit like some of my counterparts did that year, but I chose to stick it out. The school I taught at was one of the best in the area, but they had very high expectations of thier teachers, in what they expected us to wear (Calvin Kline was not dressy enough). I ended up buying a whole new wardrobe, because the clothing I owned from overseas was not good enough, and I was told this.

With my other half’s paycheck, when you live overseas you recieve a cost of living allowance, as well as some other allowances that you do not get when you are stationed overseas. We had come to depend on these allowances, which we should not have done. 

Needless to say we had a rude awakening when we realized how deep we were in.

Hello world!

November 27, 2007

What this is about…

 I have a blog on that is about my family, that I tend to bring in the finances of our lives a little too much. I want to keep that blog more up beat. There are just certain things about our money situation that don’t need to be said over there.  So I don’t plan on being witty and funny on here, I just need a place to think and to talk about what is going on with our family money wise. I need a place to vent about where we are at, and to think about where we are going to go. I can not seem to talk to my other half about these things, because well he just doesn’t seem to see what the real problem is. He knows there is a problem, but he thinks it is my problem to fix, and not our problem to fix. So I need to use this place as a place to figure out where to go from here.