Job fair update

I am feeling a bit better today. Mostly because we have food in the house now, and other than milk, bread, and dog food, it should be enough to last us until payday or beyond. Dog food only not because we forgot to get some. Oops. I am pretty darn proud of us, because we searched the weekly ads online and figured out with our reward card that Win-Dixie had the best deals this week for things that we would use (lots of good BOGO, and other deals with your reward card) and everything that we bought was either on sale as a regular sale or a reward card sale. I even used a couple of in store coupons (and I am a horrible coupon shopper). Our receipt said we saved $57.84 today. The only thing that we bought elsewhere on purpose was hamburger, and the other half ran to the Evil Empire while I tutored online and got it there, because it was on sale there (at least at ours).

I will say that it really saves me money shopping without any of the kids, but with the other half. The kids have a tendency to beg for those impulse buys, and I give in too often. The other half keeps my impulse buys in check (cookies, candy, ice cream, you know the things I don’t need,but want). 😉

The job fair was crazy busy. All 30 something schools from the local district were represented, and I think I only manged to make it to 6 of them. There had to be over 600 teacher candidates there, everything from teachers with more experience than I have, to teachers that don’t graduate until May. Each school did their own screening interview, which took anywhere between 15-30 minutes, not counting the wait time that you waited to be interviewed.

There are a couple of schools that need someone soon, as they have had a teacher have to leave recently. There are a couple of schools that know right now that they need an ESOL teacher for next year (my specialty). Then there are the schools that already know that they DO NOT have anything for next year, unless something strange happens. Sigh.

The bright side is that I talked with the principal at the school where I am scheduled to do a long term sub at the end of the month, and he asked if I would be interested in doing a different long term sub position that starts as early as this coming week. I told him heck yes, (ok not quite like that), but explained that my background check was not back yet. He assured me that that was fine, because he could put a rush on that if need be.

So there is that.


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