job fair tomorrow

The school district here has a job fair tomorrow morning. I could really use some positive thoughts and prayers for success in being considered and offered a job for next school year.

I also need prayers and positive thoughts for my fingerprints to hurry up and clear so I can substitute. I have had calls every day this week to work, but my paperwork hasn’t cleared, so I have had to turn them down. Talk about adding fuel to the stress fire.

We have had no luck getting DH’s order amended from the great cross-training fiasco and we are so broke I am not sure how we are going to pay daycare or get groceries for the next 2 weeks. At least if I know I have a job for the fall, I can find a way to make it through till August. Right now I am working every hour they will give me at Lowes, and my tutoring online, and am ready to sub as soon as my paperwork clears, trying to bring in enough money for us to eat. I know that sounds dramatic, but it is quite literally where we are at.  I don’t think we have ever been this bad off. I bawled all the way home from work tonight just thinking about how bad it is right now.

So if anyone has any extra prayers, and positive thoughts they can throw this way, I could sure use them.


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