I am frustrated…

Because my fingerprints so that I can sub have not come back, so at this point I can not even do the long term sub position I have already tentatively accepted for the end of the month.

Because while I had a few good feelers out this past weekend, for jobs for the fall, I have not heard back from them this week, including the one I felt the most positive about.

Because I didn’t even get a thanks but no thanks call or letter for the interview that I did a couple of weeks ago.

Because I feel like I am doing everything as far as bringing in money, and getting no help. I am back to working 3 jobs (almost if my fingerprints ever go through), all part time to try and make ends meet, and failing miserably.

Because it feels like the British one, and the retired one, do not realize that we need the rent money that they owe us to survive and pay our bills that we have here, and it took too many phone calls and text messages to count to get an answer about how they wanted to send us the money.

And with that being said that they do not realize that they are paying us under the going rate to rent our house. I did the research before I came up with an amount to charge them, I did not just say $(#&& off the top of my head, I researched by calling Realtors and  online to find out what was being charged in our town for a 4 bedroom 2 bath house, both with pets and without. In our neighborhood most 4 bedroom houses are going for $200-500 more than what we asked them for, without pets.

I just want to cry


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