Its been a few weeks

Since I posted here. Our financial situation has not gotten any better, but not for a lack of trying.

So far since the Move I have:

1. Signed up to substitute (just waiting on the paperwork to come back, they said it takes a week to ten days).

2. Bugged, pestered, annoyed the HR at the local Lowes to get my transfer done (start on Monday full time days for the next two weeks).

3. Had an interview at the school closest to us for a kindergarten position. Not sure how that will come out, since it has been since college that I taught that age group, but I did my darnedest to get the job.

Next up on the to do list:

1. Go to the Middle Georgia Teacher Fair on the 26th in Macon.

2. Go to the Houston County Teacher Fair on the 2nd of February.

The plan for Lowes and subbing (if I don’t get the teaching job, I am still praying and crossing my fingers) is that after this first two weeks, I will go to working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights, and weekends, leaving days available to sub. Tuesday and Thursday nights will then be open to do my online tutoring position.

If you want to follow our daily lives since I am bad about posting here, you can go to


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