Just a complaint

I just have a bitch today that I dont feel like I can safely post on my normal blog. If you are a reader that is a friend from my other blog and you know who I am complaining about personally, take this with a huge grain of salt, as I know the stress of the move, and the stress of living together is getting to me.

I have stated before that we have friends that are living with us, to rent our house when we move out of state this month. Well they have been living here since October and at first it was great. The meals and chores were split evenly between the two families, and everyone was considerate of everyone else when it came to planning meals and letting each other know if plans had changed.
The past week or so this consideration has flown out the window.

I know that they have a friend visiting from England, who we are friends with as well. I know that originally we were supposed to have all of our stuff packed out last week.  But the military screwed us once again.

The plan was for both families to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day/evening together, because well we are moving and spending time together is going to get very rare once again. We were supposed to go shopping for the food together over the weekend. Then they decided that they had to travel to the southern end of the area to visit with friends down there, so that all of the plans changed. We never found the time to go shopping for food.  So I went with the little man on Sunday and bought everything.

I have a feeling that if I had not called and said hey I bought the ham, veggies etc for Christmas dinner, so you just get this and that, that they would have decided to just stay down there, from Saturday until well quite frankly whenever they decide to come home now. Because shortly after we ate dinner yesterday they took off back down there (50 miles one way) and while the british one and  the retired one came home today so that the british one could work, the kids and the guest stayed down there. And now without a word to us, the british one and the retired one have returned down there (the friend from that end of the area was “bringing them home” is what the other half was told today).

Now really I dont give a damn, they can spend time with whoever they want. But I am tired of hearing how broke they are, and how they can’t chip in towards the electric bill or what ever, when they drive the 100 miles round trip every weekend, to go and get drunk down there, go out to eat, go out shopping etc etc.  I am also tired of getting stuck with their dogs for 48 hours or longer while they are gone, and I am worried about the state of my house if they do these trips after we move out.

I really think I need to find a lease on the internet to have them sign saying they will pay us x amount each month, just to keep from getting screwed. Because right now they still have the retired ones regular pay coming in, but he does not have a job lined up yet. Which sucks, because they are supposedly friends and we should be able to trust them, but the way things are going I am not going to see the money, and we need the money to keep from going into foreclosure on the house.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hate stress,  I hate moving, and I hate feeling like this.


One Response to “Just a complaint”

  1. In The Hole Says:

    Wow!! That sucks!! I’m so sorry that you are going through this. Huge (((hugs))))!!! I hope everything works out for you guys!!

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