Self entitlement

Last night here in my southern hometown there was a Christmas parade. The a couple of the people in the organization I work for decided that we should have a float in the parade this year as good advertisement, and good will. I participated in a couple of stages of the float, not as much as I had planned on, due to family and work commitments, but it was still a good time. Teenager helped work on the design of the float, and then she, Middle Schooler, and Alien all rode on the float with me, while Rocker walked along the side passing out things to the crowd.

The organizers of the parade gave instructions to the participants that we were not to pass out candy or toys until a certain starting point on the parade route (the official start to the parade, the line up went back about 2 miles before the start). I was on the float with several of the staff kids and staff parents in charge of making sure that everyone on the float stayed safe, passing out more candy and toys to the walkers, the music for our float and the smoke machine producing smoke coming out of our workshop chimney. The walkers passed out candy, beads, and wooden toys.

The walkers of our group started with giving away toys to children that were participating in the parade. Not to many, just to the smaller kids that they didn’t want to be left out.

About 1/2 mile before the actual start of the parade the crowds started in full force. Other Half and Little Man, along with Retired One stood on the start line, because that is where I told them the parade would start, and that there was where the candy and such would start.

The people watching the parade amazed me. There were people that snatched candy, beads and toys out of the walkers hands. They begged throw beads, throw beads, throw candy. And SHOUTED at you when you didn’t give them what they wanted. I heard several people curse when the child next to theirs got a toy and their child did not, but their child was older.

There were people that almost trampled Little Man, with their pushing and shoving to get to the candy and beads. Other Half ended up telling the group around him that if they pushed Little Man again there was going to be a fight, and the police officer standing there told them that he would help, and that they would take all of their beads away. Other Half and Retired One gave up on watching the parade shortly after our float went by, because it was not worth the trouble to watch.

These people acted like they were entitled to all of the beads on our float, and that we did not have the right to save any for the people toward the end of the parade route. It was like they thought they were entitled to get all of the things that we had for themselves.

Why do people act this way? Why can’t they understand that their are many other people along the parade route that would like to get some of the goodies as well? What happened to the spirit of the season?


One Response to “Self entitlement”

  1. cheechcat Says:

    What a bunch of animals!! Sorry to hear about your experience 😦


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