Other players in the game

Currently we have another family living with us. These are friends of ours from our time overseas, who are moving to our area, after retirement from the military. They are going to rent our house from us for about 6 months while they explore the area to determine where they want to purchase a house.

They will be known as:

Retired One: almost retired military man (on terminal leave), currently job hunting for a job related to his military job.

Brit chick: Native British woman, married to retired one, works for Evil Empire

Rocker: 13 yo boy who plays the guitar,

Alien: 12 yo boy, who we say is along with middle schooler, from a planet all their own. I swear they are a match made in heaven.

They also have two dogs, and three geckos.

This makes for a very crowded house but we make the best of it.


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