How we got where we are at part two

After we had lived here for about 6 months we decided that it was time to start looking into buying a house. The military affiliation that the Other Half is, has a regulation that states that they can not move you more than every 36 months, so we figured if we were here 12 months when we bought the house, we would have at least 24 in the house before we had to think about moving, and hopefully longer than that.

So we spent about six months looking at houses on the internet, researching mortgages, and looking at houses in the area (our lease was up after 1 year). Early summer we found THE house, figured out with housing allowance, and my paycheck that we could afford THE house, and worked with the mortgage company, the owner of the house, etc to buy the house. We signed on the house July 7th, 2006, Happy Anniversary to us (July 8th is our anniversary). We were so happy and excited. Everything was working out wonderfully, I had a job at an alternative school here in town, that was a short drive from our new house, and Other Half could drive the hybrid to work.

Then the US government decided that they had other plans. They decided that all of the people in Other Half’s job, the same rank as Other Half, with the same number of years in had to either cross train or get out of the military. They decided to tell all of them this, at the end of July. Yes, less than a month after we closed on the house. We still thought we would be ok because we were at first told that this job change would yes, affect us, but we would still be stationed here.   Not so much…


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